Yachts and Boats

Let’s decorate your boat in the most beautiful way! Fresh cut or potted flowers, rich and creative floral arrangements, candles with sweet scents and objects of original decorations, make our experience your most precious ally in order to make your bridges, rooms and cabins the dream places where your guests will spend the moments the most unforgettable of their lives.


Flower services for yachts and boats offer a range of floral arrangements and decor to enhance the onboard experience. These services typically include:

Florists can create bespoke floral designs to match the yacht’s style and theme, incorporating specific colors and preferences

Access to a variety of seasonal and exotic blooms to ensure fresh and stunning arrangements

Scheduled maintenance to replace or refresh arrangements, ensuring they remain vibrant throughout the voyage.

Bespoke floral decorations for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or corporate events held on the yacht

Professional delivery and installation of flower arrangements directly on the yacht, making it hassle-free for the yacht owner or guests.

A selection of vases, containers, and display options to complement the yacht’s interior design

Expert consultation to discuss design ideas, preferences, and budget considerations

Besides flowers, services may offer greenery and foliage arrangements for a lush, natural look

Yachts by Bespoke Flowers

Our Yacht & Cruising Services focus on providing beautiful fresh flowers for our customers that enjoy life in the ocean. We provide a variety of packages and themes to help our customers keep their decor unique across their boat.

With our Yacht & Cruising service our customers have the option of a one-time delivery as well as recurring deliveries to help keep décor consistency.

Contact us today to learn more on how to keep your Yacht & Cruise even more luxurious with our special floral touch.