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David Austin® & Alexandra Garden Roses, Moon Series Carnations, Premium Designer Azaleas & many more high-end products available!

Bespoke to You! is the service designed to save you valuable time and money and to bring you the best Bespoke Flowers has to offer. Let the Flowers come to you!

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Bespoke Floral Department

Over the past 20 years supermarket sales of ornamental crops have increased and with this growth new generations of flower and plant lovers have been born. The future of flowers looks bright.

Floral departments inside supermarkets have evolved as the top executives of the largest food retailers in the world have realized that selling flowers can be a very lucrative and profitable business.

The size and sophistication of the average supermarket floral department has grown and we at Bespoke Flowers have all the expertise and experience for a successful Floral Department, if your are interested in creating a Bespoke Floral department, please give us a call 631-268-4301 or email us at