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We Are Local!!!

We are Local & Independent 631-268-4301

We Offer Free Delivery!

Order before 1:00PM for same day delivery

High Quality Guarantee

We are farm direct importers

Bespoke Flowers for Any Occasion!!

Here comes the sun...!!!

Pure Whites Collection

Soft Elegant Combinations

Give Thanks or Show Your Love!

Bespoke Flowers

Direct Importers

We are able to offer onlythe freshest and most premium flowers available.


Bespoke flowers are arranged by talented designers who put exceptional care and thought into each creation.


To order by phoneor to ask any questionsplease call 631-268-4301

Same Day

Delivery availableMon-Sat on orders placed before 1:00PM

Show you care...


Check water level and add water daily. Changed water every other day to help your flowers last longer.


Cut the bottom of stems every two days to help your flowers get a fresh drink.


Display your flowers away from sun and draft,avoid extreme cold or heat.

Bespoke Flowers - Southampton NY

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